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I focus in a few areas of art, including oil painting (my main medium), sculpture and fine woodworking. I devote most of my efforts toward expressing the human figure and capturing the human soul as I believe it is the highest level of artistic representation and its most challenging endeavor. My preferred painting medium is oil painting because of its flexibility and freedom. What fuels my art is the search for color and form to create an aesthetic statement and generate a narrative. I also search for themes that have fascinated me at different stages of my life and seek to express these emotions and sensorial memories on the canvas.
During the course of my entire life, I have been driven by a strong, subconscious tension between science and art. But I don’t pursue “scientific art”, i.e., artificially implant “science objects” in my art and vice versa. My scientific activities impact my art in the way I process form and color in the journey to find a novel aesthetic expression. Art influences my scientific work by embedding aesthetic in the design of my experiments and theories.
I am also involved in several art related social activities. Among these, I am a member of The Group in the Loop, which currently hosts Studio #356 in the Hungerford Building, Rochester, NY (, the President of the New York Figure Study Guild (,) and the Chair of the Guild’s Annual Show for the last five years.
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