About New York Figure Study Guild

A contemporary artist guild committed to providing learning and collaborative opportunities to figurative artists of all skill levels.

Our Mission

The purpose of The New York Figure Study Guild is to establish a rich environment to promote the study of the human form by mentoring, encouraging dialog within the Guild and to collaborate and exchange ideas with other like minded organizations in and out of New York State.

More About NYFSG

Founded in February 2008, members to date include professional artists, teachers and students along with a host of others from commerce and industry drawing from three contiguous counties.

Membership is open to any artist 18 or older who works with the human figure in any genre and skill level.

The NYFSG meets monthly on the third Tuesday of the month at 5:30 p.m. at the Steve Carpenter Art Center & Gallery at 176 Anderson Avenue, Rochester, N.Y. 14607

New member dues are $60 per year due on June 1. Dues are prorated based on admission date for the initial year of any one membership.  General meetings occur all months but July and August.

Membership Benefits

  1. Regular critique sessions within the Guild
  2. Study groups including discussion of art books, videos, and group expeditions to galleries and expeditions of common interest
  3. Optional participation in an annual show at the Carpenter Gallery & Art Center open to all members
  4. Permanent gallery space at the Steve Carpenter Gallery & Art Center
  5. Lectures, guest speakers, demonstrations, workshops and seminars
  6. Guild web site access including a personal web page fo rmembers, links to member websites,  membership calendar of events, resources and contact information
  7. Inter-group “Exchange” shows with other organizations statewide and  nationally

Current Officers

  • President: Enrique Viturro
  • Vice President: Debbie Philp
  • Secretary: Laura Clay
  • Treasurer: Jan Davidson
  • Advisor: Steve Carpenter
  • Membership Chair: Mary Buchan
  • Programs Chair: Susan Schiffhauer
  • Communications Chair: Lisa Livoti-Struble
  • Social Media: TeeJay Dill


Our Co-Founders

Steve Carpenter

NYFSG Advisor

Steve CarpenterOperates a serious professional art group modeled on the European “l’atelier de peintre” .  Steve has painted and taught in Europe for over 30 years, his work has been shown in over 11 countries and has received numerous awards for both his painting and his teaching.


Ruck Muto

NYFSG President Emeritus

A world class muralist, also brings 30 years of talent to the Guild drawing upon his skills in the decorative and landscape arts. Rick recently completed one of many notable commissions recently with the recreation work on the 100K piano for Steinway’s Legendary Series originally produced in 1903 as a gift to the Theodore Roosevelt White House.